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instagram: @ alponiart

‘The general fluidity of his lifestyle can easily be traced on his bizarre creature sketches’ is usually what people think when they know this guy.

As an Istanbulite, Alp grew up watching the curvy and almost impossibly erratic lines of the blue and white waves in Marmara sea, allowing his lines to be drawn as unpredictable as a mad storm in the sea. 

Developing his visual knowledge during high times of the crazy cartoon figures of the 90s, he always finds himself creating eerie looking monster like animals with unsettling eyes, probably, soothing him down while the actual world is too bad to be the actual one. He definitely belongs to the Pokemon generation. He considers his cat Finn as his Pokemon and they don’t need a pokeball. You can easily find Finn, hiding behind his drawings.

Apart from tattooing, he studied art history in Toronto, culinary arts and politics in Istanbul. Also, he has so many plants that he thinks that his figures might be living in his domestic forest.

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